By Lionel Sullivan


Our reflection
Was once bounced
From wave to wave
In the ripples
Upon the surface of the water.
But now
In the stillness
We are one –
And clearly we can see
Our face.
We know who we are,
Our identity.
The you in you
The me in me
The we
In who we have become,
The always in becoming,

"Birth of a New Consciousness"

By Lionel Sullivan

Spiraling swirls

of soul dust

spin toward the ends

of concentric circles,

infinitely unending

never dying

always between dawn and dusk

waiting for

what will inevitably become

forever us.

A darling diamond dichotomy,

a prism of rainbow holdings.

Spilling forth showers

of profound, robust love

of Love’s lost star.

Distant and shimmering

lights of life above,

astral bodies,

points connect –

in the form of a dove.

A piece-wise picture.

A pilgrimage of pleasure and pain.

Basking in the rays of an eternal sun on the waves of a sea

filled with aeons

of full-forming droplets

from Heaven’s first rain.

The pieces fit

the edges round –

culminating in a symbolic awakening

of a lost part

in a whole again found.